August 08, 2017 11:18


All LMIC members have access to our free one-on-one "hotline" (1-800-252-2045).  Calling the hotline does NOT impact your underwriting status.

LMIC's hotline team provides guidance and support to help you avoid claims, do damage control, and address difficult situations.  Next time you find yourself with an ethical dilemma or have a question about how you should handle problematic client relationships, or even a subpoena for your files, call the hotline.  LMIC is here to help!

To that end, we are thrilled to announce that our online MCLE library now includes an informative seminar answering the most frequently asked questions LMIC hears from YOU, our members.  Skillfully handled by three experienced lawyers in the field of legal malpractice defense, you can now hear the invaluable information that LMIC offers its members to assist with risk management.  Covered topics include conflicts of interest, disengagement, unpaid fees and much, much more.

To watch on your desktop, click here for access to "Because You Asked...HOTLINE FAQs" (1.0 Hr. Ethics) or download the app on your mobile device by clicking on the link below.

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