September 09, 2016 10:37
Certified MCLE Training Program/Understanding and Managing High Conflict Personalities

LMIC, in conjunction with the High Conflict Institute, has just added these game-changing seminars to our CLE library:
  • Understanding High Conflict Personalities (General 1.0 hr.)
  • Managing High Conflict Personalities (General 1.0 hr.)
  • Ethical Issues in Litigation, Negotiation and Mediation with High Conflict Personalities (Ethics 1.0 hr.)
No doubt your practice has been impacted by clients and opposing counsel who simply are their own worst enemies.  Dealing with these toxic individuals is an essential lawyering and claims avoidance skill you did not learn in law school!  Like all of our on demand MCLE offerings, you can view this transformative 3 part series for free at www.LMIC.com.

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