March 03, 2015 15:18
Congratulation LMIC members!

Congratulation LMIC members!  You completed almost 15,000 hours of free certified MCLE last year via LMIC's online MCLE Department.  Here is a recap of our most recent seminars:

New in 2014

Stress Relief and Ethical Decision Making - Four realistic scenarios lead to an engaging conversation about ethical decision making and stress reduction for attorneys.  (1 hr. Competence Issues/1 hr. Legal Ethics)

Limited Scope Representation: Debunking the Myths
- The Honorable Mark Juhas and attorneys Forrest "Woody" Mosten, Marta Alcumbrac and James Murphy examine this timely topic from a variety of relevant perspectives: the bench; the civil litigator; the family law practitioner; legal malpractice defense counsel and the State Bar.  (1.5 hrs. Legal Ethics)

A Year in Review
- Master presenters--Edmund G. Farrell, III, Esq. and Robert A. Olson, Esq.--bring you up-to-date on 2013's significant California and Federal civil appellate decisions.  (2.25 hrs. General)

New in 2013

Anatomy of Effective and Ethical Website - Lawyers are obligated to make sure that their websites meet certain professional requirements while effectively informing the public.  To help you achieve both goals--certified legal malpractice law specialist, Steven A. Lewis, Esq. and Rowboat Media creative director, Cynthia La Luna--have joined their considerable forces.  (1.25 hrs. Legal Ethics)

Mindfulness & Meditation for Lawyers - Professor Clark Freshman
of UC Hastings College of Law delivers this cutting edge seminar which explores through lecture and exercises the fundamentals of mindfulness and meditation training for lawyers.  (0.5 hr. Elimination of Bias/0.5 hr. General)

Lie Detection Skills for Lawyers
- Improve client selection, negotiation skills as well as other professional and personal encounters by learning to interpret micro expressions with acclaimed lie detection expert--Professor Clark Freshman, University of California Hastings College of Law. (1 hr. Legal Ethics)

Civility Matters: Why Civility and Why Now?
- The American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA) has unparalleled access to the nation's top jurists and attorneys.  In this 30 minute seminar of entertaining film clips and insightful interviews, you will get an insider's view of the critical role civility plays in the practice of law and the judicial system.  (0.5 hr. Legal Ethics)

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