How to Tender a Claim

A "Claim" is defined under the Policy as "a demand including service of suit or institution of arbitration proceedings, for money against an Insured..." All Claims (written demand in letter form, suits, demands for arbitration, etc.) should be sent to:

Claims Administrator
3110 W. Empire Avenue
Burbank, CA 91504

All Claims must be reported in writing. Telephone notice and/or electronic message (e-mail) is NOT sufficient to constitute notice under the Policy.

Members may also tender potential claims (Section 5.3 of the Policy) via letter. Be sure to include a description of:

(a) the specific act, error, omission or Personal Injury;
(b) the injury or damage which has or may result from such act, error, omission or Personal Injury; and
(c) the circumstances by which the Insured firm became aware of such act, error, omission or Personal Injury.

In the event a "Claim" does arise from the potential claim, and the Insured has initially supplied the information called for at (a) through (c) above, "any Claim that may subsequently be made ...arising out of such act, error, omission or Personal Injury shall be deemed...to have been made and reported in writing on the date such notice is received by the Company".

If you have any questions regarding how to tender a "Claim", please call (800) 252-2045 and ask to speak with the Claims Administrator, Claims Manager or Senior Claims Counsel.

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